Is your clothing printed in Canada?

Unfortunately, no.

Some time ago, we attempted to make this the type of business where we get everything printed in Canada, then buy stock to sell. Unfortunately, this meant we could only supply limited designs, colours and types of clothing.

Having just 5 designs available in 4 colours and 4 sizes is 80 shirts. If you add in various types/fits of shirts then the cost of buying initial stock is astronomical.

We took a hiatus, but are now back, and to be totally upfront, we are using an affiliate program through Spreadshirt. Ordering through us does not cost you any more than it would ordering from Spreadshirt directly, but it does earn us 20% of the sale and you are still supporting Canadians by ordering from us.


Will I have large shipping or import fees?

Economy shipping is very cheap, starting at $4.99 Canadian. However, you may be subject to import fees. Generally these are going to be pretty low and usually about what you’d have paid for your own GST or HST. Since you are ordering a product from outside of Canada, you are not charged HST or GST when ordering, so it more or less works out!


How Long Will My Order Take?

Economy Shipping usually takes 2-3 weeks while Express is usually a week or less.


Why Don’t You Have a Contact Phone Number?

Vegan T-Shirts Canada is a very small, home-based business and actually run as a side business. As such, answering calls is not something we have the luxury to be able to do with the limited time on our hands. That may change as we grow, but for now, we feel that there’s nothing too urgent about shirts that e-mailing won’t handle.