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Homemade Quick Dry for Nail Polish

There are a lot of ideas on how to get your nail polish to dry faster. I've heard about dipping your freshly painted nails into cold water, the Pam cooking spray, canned air dusting spray, hairspray and so on. What I do know is the key ingredient used in those quick drying nail products are the solvents (liquids that evaporate quickly).

I took a few of those ideas and put together a quick dry nail polish solution. Basically I used alcohol as my solvent, Vitamin E oil which is similar to the Pam cooking spray method. I believe it helps by forming a coat of protection over the nail polish. Last I put in a couple of drops of Peppermint oil for cooling (mimicking the cold water method).

I tried it by first making a small amount for just a couple of uses. Excuse the messy polish job. Just testing the product.

I was talking to a buddy at Westend Physio last week, they run a first-class massage therapist in Vancouver. Anyhow, they encouraged me to make this particular article so I thought it was worth mentioning these guys.

To make a small amount for a couple of uses, I needed a small empty container (I used empty lip gloss container) and a small brush (small paint brush works). Then I mixed together the following and put into the container.

1/4 t. Isopropyl alcohol(I used 91%)
1/8 t. Vitamin E oil
Peppermint essential oil (a couple of drops)

I put it to the test using a small brush and applied over my freshly painted still wet nails. The top layer was already set in under 1 minute. This diy fast drying nail polish works as good (if not better) as anything else out there.


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Posted in Clothing Post Date 04/21/2016