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The 10 Things You Must Have in Your Wardrobe

We here at George Dunhill are relentlessly in pursuit of things that reflect every aspect of being a true gentleman. That includes the way we present ourselves daily. Needless to say clothes play a huge part in this undertaking. Thats why we have put together this list of suggestions of what we believe no gentlemans wardrobe should be without.

1. A Suit To Suit You

Having a suit is a must. A Gentleman is neither white or blue collar. Having your own fitted suite ensures that you can attend formal events with class and comfort. Renting is an option but it should be avoided at all costs. Within a crowd, I can spot individuals wearing rented suits and tuxedos. Besides bordering on slightly tacky, rented suits and tuxedos are traditionally one-size-fits-all; and the last time I checked you we're a unique gentleman! So if you are now just venturing into suits, I highly recommend setting yourself up with a timeless suit that will work for most functions and events. Your first purchase will provide you with a wealth of experience that will make your next and future purchases fulfilling.

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The three points I will touch on are Color, Style and Fit.


My favorite suite color hands down is gray. In my opinion it is the most versatile of all suit colors. However, you can go for a navy (blue) or black suit. It would be best to have at least one in each of those colors as they will never go out of style. There is no rush, though; having an assortment of shirts, ties and pocket squares allows you to make your one suit new every time. If you find that you are wearing your suite more than once a month then you should definitely start putting some money aside for another.


Get a single breasted, two-buttoned suite. I would even go as far as saying you should only get a notched lapel for your suit jacket. Start experimenting with slightly different looks after your first purchase. But my suggestion should provide you with a safe and functional suite that can still be distinguished.

The Fit

Get your damn suit fitted by a good tailor! To reduce the amount of alterations/changes to your suit make sure you buy a suit that is as close to perfect as possible. You need to be mindful of your weight if you are interested in ensuring the longevity your suit(s). Five pounds here and there can make what was once a perfect suit into one that bulges and strains. One of the most difficult parts of buying a suit is getting it fitted and having a tailor who you can trust and that is skilled is extremely important. I would recommend talking to your friends or family for local tailors they've had success with. Nevertheless, I'll dispense some tidbits to make this process more stress free.

Your Jacket

Your sleeve length is the first indicator of a well-fitted suit. Wearing a jacket with lengthy sleeves is not only bad it is also quite uncomfortable. Ideally your sleeve should just reach the base of your thumb so that about 3/4 of an inch of your shirt cuff is shown - that, is the rule of thumb and please excuse the pun.

Your Pants

If you are heavy around your midriff you may need pleated pants. Pleated pants will accentuate your stomach less, thus making for a better-looking suit. If you have a slim build do not wear pleats. The extra material will make you look even slimmer than you are.

Make sure you have some room in your waistline, leaving enough room so that you can easily insert a finger or two.

The length of your pants should be such that when you stand they sit right on your shoe without exposing your socks. You don't want extra material sitting on top of your shoe as it will give you a sloppy look.

To cuff or not to cuff? It may be a question for some but to me it's a no-brainer. Never cuff your pants! Besides unnecessarily complicating your pants they tend to make you look shorter than you are. Excuse the elevated nerd quotient but from a fluid mechanics point of view, cuffs can render your pants profile more chaotic/turbulent during a brisk or even casual walk. Keep it clean - everything.

2. Black Leather Shoes

No matter what trends come and go, dark-colored suits will always look sharpest with black leather shoes. The good thing is that these can also be worn with khakis or jeans. Once you've got this taken care of you can start branching off into other colors (brown for example) and styles. Before I forget make sure you've got a black belt to match your black shoes. Remember not to waste your money - always protect your investment, i.e., take care of your shoes. Refer to our article on taking care of leather shoes.

3. White Dress Shirt

This, in my opinion, is one of the more versatile pieces of clothing that you can have in your wardrobe. It can be worn as part of casual or formal attire. You can wear it with or without a tie and underneath a blazer, or with dark formal pants, or jeans. A white shirt will do for you what a white shoe can never do. On that note, please don't wear white dress shoes. Besides being impracticable and pimp-ish it is a very chochy look.

4. Solid Colored or Diagonal Striped Tie

A good silk tie, whether single colored or diagonally striped, will easily transform your look. Get at least two pieces that you can choose from when you want to ace that dream job interview or meet with a big client. Ties are also a must at formal affairs like weddings and other such occasions.

5. Navy Blazer

A blue blazer easily provides a nice finish your look. Choose a material that can be worn comfortably all year round. You could even get one with a fine pinstripe. Remember to get it fitted. Honestly, a blazer will always complete your look whether it is a casual for semi-formal affair.

6. Denim and Khaki Pants

Both denim and khaki pants are considered a staple of modern fashion especially in westernized societies. I recommend at least three pairs of denim jeans, two of khaki.

7. A Deconstructed Suit

With it's very relaxed, toned down look, a deconstructed suit adds some more versatility to your wardrobe because it can be worn as a set or as separate pieces, mixed and matched with other articles of clothing.

8. Street Shoes

Have at least two pairs of street footwear. Non-formal street shoes are what you'll be wearing almost daily so they need to be as comfortable as possible without clashing with your overall look. Loafers and slip-ons with rubber or leather soles are the best choices.

9. A Bag or Briefcase

Especially when you need to bring your essentials, such as a laptop and external hard disk, get yourself a durable carrier such as a satchel or a messenger bag. If you feel more comfortable carrying a hard case, then do so. However, choose a style that will harmonize with what you're wearing.

10. Scarf

A scarf is a functional accessory that can be worn in fall or winter. You can use it to add some color and texture to your outfit and best of all it will further insulate you from the environment.


Make an assessment of your current wardrobe and add on, as needed, the items that you lack. Keep in mind that building up your gentlemans essentials should be based on your lifestyle. This is to avoid buying clothes and accessories that you may not be using at all. Hopefully we've given you a wealth of information to both young men who are just starting out and to those who are seasoned. As always, let us know what you think of this article and others and any questions you may have.

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