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Sunflower wedding bouquets

French Provenal style refers to a design and really, a way of life, that came to be in the mid-18th Century. The style is known for it's relaxed and rustic country elegance, featuring beautiful patterns, delicious food, and an copiousness of fresh flowers. Naturally, this makes French Provenal a fantastic inspiration for a wedding.

A great place to begin when planning a French Provenal wedding is by choosing the location. A vineyard would be ideal, if there is one near where you hope to be wed. You want your venue to have a rustic charm to it; anything too modern or glossy just will non hit the right note. If no vineyard is available, an outdoor location such as a garden or even a field would be a nice alternative. For a cold-weather wedding, a rough hewn barn or old country manor would provide the perfect backdrop for a French Provenal themed wedding.

One of the things for which French Provenal style is best known is the wonderful compounding of colours that it uses. Think navy or cornflower blue, mated with sunflower yellow, russet red, or hints of burgundy. This rich color palette is very warm and inviting, and can be used throughout your wedding dcor and attire. French Provenal design is also famous for it's classifiable patterns, which usually consist of a small motif recurrent in regular lines (often bordered by a wider panel of pattern), done in the rich tones of the region. Classic motifs admit roosters, olives, sunflowers, and grapes. The traditional printed fabrics ar often mixed with plaids, checks, and stripes for contrast and texture.

You can pull out one or two signature colors to use for your bridesmaid dresses. If you ar having an informal outdoor wedding, your attendants can wear sundresses in one of the traditional French Provenal patterns. It would look best to choose a slightly unlike print and dress for each bridesmaid. If you prefer to keep the bridesmaid dresses a bit more simple, a rich russet or sunflower colored dress would be lovely in a slightly textured fabric like linen or dupioni. Keep the bridesmaid jewelry understated when the dresses make a strong statement. A pretty pair of crystal earrings in your wedding colours would be very nice complement, and is a thoughtful bridesmaid jewelry gift.

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There are many wonder ways to design around the French Provenal style. The welcoming and cozy feeling of the genre lends itself to family style meals served from large platters astatine long tables. Choose tablecloths made from one of the classic French Provenal small prints. You can use solid color napkins in one of the colours from the print as an accent (the sunflower yellow works especially well with almost any version of a French country pattern). Layer in a hint of a check in the form of a ribbon tied around the napkins. Top the tables with abundant flowers in reds, yellows, and orange, nonchalantly arranged in pitchers or baskets.

At any French elysian wedding, the food and wine are going to be a big deal. This is one of the reasons that a vineyard would makes such an excellent venue. The food from Provence is actually very Mediterranean, and uses many of the same ingredients as Italian cooking. Some of the key ingredients ar garlic, olives, tomatoes, artichokes, anchovies, and goat cheese. The region is also known for an redolent blend of herbs called Herbes de Provence, which features thyme, lavender, rosemary, and tarragon, among other things. Bouillabaisse is the classic seafood stew of Provence; serve it in beautiful hand painted heavy pottery; delicate bone china has no place on the rustic French Provenal table. Try a rich red wine made from Grenache grapes with the hearty stew.

The welcoming feeling of the French countryside is an absolutely wonderful atmosphere to create for your wedding day. A party that is all about good food and great company is really what a wedding reception should be about. Add to that great classic French design, and you will see why a French Provenal wedding is such a beautiful thing.

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