We’re back, but we’re doing things differently now!

This is a small side business and we learned that the costs of starting up a really good T-shirt business are extremely high.

Not only do you have to order multiple sizes for each design, but also multiple colours and if you want to be really successfull, multiple types of shirts/fits which means more colours and more different sizes!

The result was that we were only able to offer a few different colours and only one type of T-shirt. This also resulted in not very many orders 🙁 The good news is, we’ve got lots of gifts for our vegan friends for a while to come!

So, we’ve re-evaluated the format of our business and decided to do an affiliate program through Spreadshirt.

This means, we still create the designs, but you are technically ordering from Spreadshirt. We get a 20% commission on every sale, so that’s how you are supporting this business. Don’t worry! It doesn’t cost more to order through us than it would to order from them directly.

The upside to this is that now we can offer every colour and tons of different styles of shirts like Men’s and Women’s, ringer, baseball tees, scoop neck, even hoodies!

The downside is your orders is coming from the USA. THis means a few things.

  1. Shipping will take a little longer, but is still quite cheap!
  2. You don’t have to pay tax! Yay!
  3. You may have to pay Import fees on large enough orders. Boo! This is usually around what you would have paid for tax, so it more or less evens out.

That’s it! We hope this will provide a better way for you to get your Vegan on!